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What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot

You are engaged to the man of your dreams, CONGRATULATIONS!! Now to figure out what to wear for your Engagement Photos! This can be a bit overwhelming so I have come up with a list of tips to help you choose your wardrobe and I am even linking a Pinterest Board of my favorite looks. Also, check out these Magnolia Couples that were looking amazing for their shoots!

Coordinate Outfits-- Choose colors that work well together but you don't have to match perfectly....careful not to get cheesy-think neutrals with pops of color.

Use color AND patterns--Again coordinate vs. match so you don't look like a rainbow! Choose smaller patterns and use them sparingly; maybe even do one person in a pattern as your "rock star" to add just a little pop. Avoid shirts with large, graphic logos ('GAP'), this distracts from the subject. We want your face to be the advertisement, not your shirt!

Be timeless--For my Fashionistas, this one may be tough. Try not to wear anything too trendy (refer to wind breaker outfits) that you may look at in 2 years and think, "Ohhhh girl, no!" You want your images to stand the test of time. For ladies, jeans with a cute top for casual and a flowy dress or pencil skirt with a tasteful pair of pumps will be the most flattering. Heels will always make your body look it's best!

For guys, a cotton, collared shirt, fitted jeans or khakis, and close toed shoes is most masculine. If you REALLY want to get fancy, throw on a blazer with your jeans and button up! << Your significant other will love this

Show your personality!!!

Light, and flowy long dresses are always lovely and photograph beautifully

Think about the details--ladies wear a statement necklace or other jewelry that is of significance and let me know!

Plan ahead--think about a wardrobe change ahead of time...this helps decrease stress to keep everyone happy about taking fun pictures.

Ladies-Keep your make-up simple. Wear makeup that makes you feel beautiful but keep it natural

If you wear heels (and I highly encourage it!), make sure you have a pair of flats also because we will be doing a lot of walking.

Layers! especially in the winter! Scarves, hats, vests...yes, yes, yes!

Dress for the season and location

Please leave your Apple Watches at home--This can date your photos. I also like to call them iWatches for whatever reason....

Click HERE for a link to a Pinterest Inspiration board for more examples

I hope you find this helpful! Don't stress over an outfit, I want you to feel comfortable and remember why you are having this done in the first place--because you are getting married! Think of your Engagement shoot like a date that a photographer just happens to be there to catch-easy :)

Celebrate Soon!


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