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Meet Kensi

If you are reading this then you have taken the time to be interested in Magnolia Photography and I can't thank you enough!  I thought since it is a new year that I would re-introduce myself and give you a better idea of the lady behind the lens. 

I am Kensi Duncan, I founded and own Magnolia Photography and am based out of Central Alabama.  I have a wonderful husband named Drew and a sweet fur child named Paisley.  I have been doing photography for about 5 years and can't believe I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love.  I have always loved photography and started doing portraits which turned in to weddings after I got married.  I fell in love with thought of being able to have the same experience I did at my wedding with other Brides--and don't think I don't cry at every wedding!

My camera of choice is a NIKON D750 and it is AMAZING!  I have several lenses to get the job done which include a Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8, 70-200mm F2.8, a 35 mm F1.8 and a 50mm F1.8.  I edit all of my own images and choose not to out source them.  

So...plot twist--I am actually a Labor & Delivery nurse :) I just happened to LOVE photography too! That is me and and my Dad-I was looking a little rough that day so I felt the need to precede this picture with a photo from my wedding day (notate the Magnolias).  I went to school to become a nurse and could not be more happy to do what I love with two jobs!  There are many times when I will show up to photo sessions in my scrubs because I have just left the hospital-the hustle is real.  I think my love for nursing transfers to photography because nurses want to serve and advocate for their patients.  I want to do this for my clients also.  You are trusting me with these precious memories and that mean so much to me!  I want to give you the best experience possible during your session to make you feel comfortable because this delivers the best images.  

My style is focused on being light and airy while showing off the most true representation of my couples and seniors.  I want the images you receive in your gallery to look like the best version of you possible! I like to avoid over editing and strong overlays to ensure you are the center of attention in your photos.

Some of my Favorite Things:



-Baths/Bath Bombs/Bath Bubbles

-Decorating my house (and redecorating it)

-Fresh flowers 


-Rain Boots

-Alabama Football


-Game of Thrones

-Frozen Yogurt


To find out more about me, check out the 'Meet Kensi' section of my website!

Celebrate Soon!


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