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How to Dress Your Best for a Senior Session

It's your Senior Year...yaaasss!! You are about to have the best and most memorable time of your life. You've decided to do Senior Portraits and then you start freaking out because you have to pick out what to wear--but no worries! I am compiling some tips to help you look your best in front of the camera. Keep on reading!

1. Stick with solid or neutral colors

Think about the location your session will be in. If you want your portraits to be in a green or garden setting, wearing red would not be the best color choice--we don't want people to think Jingle Bells when they see your announcements :) Neutrals or a not-so-bright color would work best in this situation.

Solid colors work best because they don't distract they eye like a pattern would. Can you wear a pattern--absolutely! Just make sure you tone it down with a solid blazer or something that balences out the pattern.

2. Outfit ONE--Trendy

There are SO many cute trends right now that we love to rock. The problem is, they're trends so we don't want all of your outfits to be trendy so your photos become quickly dated. Try to stick with one outfit that is very on trend that you want to show case.

3. Outfit TWO--Classic & Dressed Up

There is nothing more classy than a fitted dress and a classy pair of heels. You are a woman now so why not throw on some pumps and work an A-Line dress that makes you feel flirty and feminine?? Any type of fitted skirt and heels will always be most flattering. Think of a timeless look that will still look good in twenty years.

4. Outfit THREE--Casual

I like to photograph clients in what they feel comfortable in from day-to-day. Whether thats chucks and ripped jeans or a tank and cute shorts--it's fun to add in one casual outfit.

5. Layers and Accessories

Layers, layers, layers!! This can be a blazer or scarf that can be removed. Hats, sunglasses and of course cute jewelry are a must also.

6. Details

I am a sucker for details. This includes heirloom jewelry, sports uniforms or even your dog! Incorporate things that are significant to you in your shoot.

7. Long, Flowy dresses

A long maxi dress is the perfect outfit to dress up your portrait session. I love using flowy dresses as a 'prop' during sessions while at the same time they elongate the body.

8. Makeup

Keep your makeup simple. I love Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights as much as anybody but some of their looks are not as 'wearable' for photoshoots. Think about a natural eye but being a little more heavy handed on the blush and lipstick--it looks better on camera!

9. Dress for the Season

Dress for whatever season you are being photographed in.

10. Please leave your Apple Watch at home

As popular as they are, please refrain from wearing Apple Watches or any type of technology that may date your photos.

11. Choose different Silhouettes

Make sure to think about all of the outfits you will be wearing and make sure to mix it up! You don't want to wear all dresses or all jeans and a cute top. Bring a mix of dresses (long and short), tops, shorts, tanks and blouses while covering the range of classy to casual.


This is one of the best times to break out a sports coat!! Khakis, a button up and a coordinating jacket are sure to make you look and feel great. Try to steer away from any type of open toed shoe or cargo pant but choose a collard shirt and fitted pants which will be most masculine.

If you follow these tips you will be on your way to looking amazing in your Senior Portraits!! Don't be afraid to show your personality and have fun because this is the best time of your life!

Celebrate Soon!!


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