• Magnolia Photography

Ashlie | Birmingham Museum of Art

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Ashlie and her mom at the Birmingham Museum of Art and it was perfection!! We had nice overcast skies (that lead to rain but whatever) and we were able to get amazing shots. When Ashlie asked if she could wear her ballet shoes and take photos en Pointe I basically told her to bring every pair she had. She has taken Pointe since she was in 6th grade and I was amazed to see her twirl around--she even enlisted the help of her mom on a few poses. She has such a lovely-ness (is that a thing?) about her and it showed so well in her images.

We had so much fun dancing in the rain and laughing as I boosted Ashlie up on to the platform in the second image. She was so bubbly and would make funny faces in between shots and then on camera she looked poised and joyful. I loved that I was able to see both sides of her! And of course it started raining just as we were wrapping things up but thankfully I had my trusty reflector that we were able to huddle under (see Instagram post).

Ashlie will be attending Jacksonville State in the Fall (another reason why I think she's amazing!) to major in Marketing. I know she will excel and stand out as a Freshman on campus and I cannot wait to see where she goes!!

Location : Birmingham Museum of Art