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My Favorite Wedding Photos | 2018

Ummm, so where did this year go....seriously?

2018 may be my favorite year yet--not only professionally but we welcomed our first kiddo in to our family in November (don't worry, I have photos). I started the year off with a broken camera and ended with a collection of albums for my clients that I am SO proud of. I won't say it was the easiest year; being pregnant in the summer....in the South.....was challenging to say the least and yes, you saw me sweat BUT it was worth it! I also made many new vendor friends (friendors-hah!) that I was lucky to work with to ensure we gave our clients the best day possible.

So let's take a look at my favorites from this year. These are the images that made my heart skip a beat or do a little happy dance as we were shooting-ask my Brides, I really do this :) Hopefully this will give you inspiration for your upcoming wedding or help you to look back on your best day ever!

Holli & Ethan had a precious, rainy day wedding at a cute white church in Odenville, AL.

This is a fav because my Husband is holding the program ;)

I remember when Kristen was borrrrnnnnn....and now she's married! And what a gorgeous Bride she was!

umm that dress?!

Micayla had her Mom's wedding dress altered and wore it for her big day at Rucker Place in Downtown Birmingham. Don't forget the getaway car!