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Counting Blessings, Instead of Sheep

December 1st means it's time to start watching Christmas movies!! I sit here watching 'White Christmas' (my all time favorite) and one of the title's to the songs is 'Count Your Blessings, Instead of Sheep' and that is exactly what I have been able to do in 2017. THANK YOU for supporting me this year!! As I wrap up the year, I am making my 2018 goal to actually keep up with a blog--So I will be filling the next few months with recaps of my favorites of 2017.

I also want to challenge myself to set lofty goals for 2018 (starting with keeping up with my blog!). This may seem like a 'meh' kind of task BUT if you are just now getting to know me, I have a 40 hour work week as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. I LOVE my job and am so lucky to work where I do with the people I do--so I have to prioritize my non-Nurse time :) SO, be looking for upcoming blog posts and detailed announcements soon!!

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