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My Favorite Wedding Photos from 2019!


2019 did not disappoint. So many beautiful couples, venues, blooms and celebration with the sweetest people! I am SO blessed to be able to do all of the things I love so much. I was able to add 'Mom' to my resume late last year and that has been a huge adjustment. I am a small business owner but I also work full time as a nurse, so to be able to juggle all of these things this year has given me extra notches in my multi tasking belt--it also tested me!.

The saying, "You can't pour from an empty cup" hit me hard this year, so I will be focusing on self care in 2020. That will also mean saying no to things I may feel the urge to do. I am not exactly sure what that looks like but I know where I want to go with my business and family and can't wait to get started!

We get bogged down in the day-to-day and forget to live! We need to put our phones down and spend more time with the ones we care about ( I am included in this!). You will never look back and say,"I wish I had scrolled through Instagram one more time...." No, you will say, "I wish I had been more intentional with the time I had with my kids when they were tiny." or "I should have talked to my aging parent/grandparent on the phone more." Babies and Grandparents don't keep so make sure you soak up every chance you have with them!

I hope you are blessed this year with health, prosperity and so much love! Now go pop some champagne and start the next decade with beautiful images!

Celebrate Soon!




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