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We need more friendships like Anna Kate and Kenzie

I am SO behind on writing this post but here it is!!!

There are random things that catch your attention and I am SO glad that this post was shared by a friend and I came across it. Take a look at the photo and the caption written about it:

This was written by Elmore County CARES, a local advocate group that focuses on mental wellness for the people and students of Elmore County Schools. They use the page to "inform, support and educate in the area of mental health." I think we can all agree that after 2020, we could use some mental wellness!

When I saw this post I didn't even have to read the caption for me to get tears in my eyes. Anna Kate's reaction to her BFF Kenzie being crowned HC Queen is the definition of how we should lift others up and celebrate their accomplishments. I also love the honest look of shock on Kenzie's face that shows how truly humbled she was for this honor. We as women especially, should support one another and straighten the other's crown, like the author says. I obviously believe a photo speaks a thousand words and this one certainly does.

I wanted to celebrate their awesome friendship, so I reached out to them on Instagram and offered them a free photo session with me. I talked with them and their mom's on the phone and learned SO much about them-I was completely blown away. They have been friends forever and also own a SnoCone business called Broke Ice that they built from the ground up.....What???? When I was their age I was doing good not to run out of gas in my car! These ambitious ladies inspired me and I couldn't be happier that I got to spend an afternoon with them.

I encourage you to (as cliche as it sounds) find your Tribe. Find a group that will always support you and build you up but will also keep you safe and not let you do stupid or dangerous things. Be respectful and go back to the things you were taught as a kid. Be inclusive, be honest, be kind. Remember that everyone is going through something and they may just barely be holding on and then you come along and make their day better--or worse. Take chances and don't let the precious time you have with those you love go to waste. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE :) and enjoy the time you still have with your grandparents if you still have them or even your parents....as you get older, they get older-don't forget that.

Now that I have rambled, I hope Anna Kate and Kenzie's story makes you stop and appreciate the people in your life and makes you smile today. Their story has definitely brought me joy, love you ladies!!