What am I Supposed to Wear?

  • Coordinate Outfits-- Choose colors that work well together but you don't have to match perfectly....careful not to get cheesy Think neutrals with pops of color.

  • Use color AND patterns--Again coordinate vs. match so you don't look like a rainbow!  Choose smaller patterns and use them sparingly; maybe even do one person in a pattern as your "rock star" to add just a little pop.  Avoid shirts with large, graphic logos ('GAP'), this distracts from the subject.  We want your face to be the advertisement, not your shirt!

  • Be timeless--For my Fashionistas, this one may be tough.  Try not to wear anything too trendy (refer to high waisted mom jeans) that you may look at in 2 years and think, "Ohhhh girl, no!" You want your images to stand the test of time.  For ladies, jeans with a cute top for casual and a flowy dress or pencil skirt with heels with be the most flattering. For guys, a cotton, collared shirt, fitted jeans or khakis, and close toed shoes is most masculine.  If you REALLY want to get fancy, throw on a blazer with your jeans and button up! << Your significant other will love this

  • Show your personality!!! 

  • Dress for the season and location

  • Think about the details--ladies wear a statement necklace or other jewlery that is of significance and let me know! 

  • Plan ahead--think about a wardrobe change ahead of time...this helps decrease stress to keep everyone happy about taking fun pictures.

  • Ladies-Keep your make-up simple.  Wear makeup that makes you feel beautiful but keep it natural

  • If you wear heels, make sure you have a pair of flats also because we will be doing a lot of walking.

  • Layers! especially in the winter! Scarves, hats, vests...yes, yes, yes!

  • Light, and flowy dresses are always lovely for Senior photos also ;)

  • Please leave your iWatches at home--This dates your photos


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